My CV – Created using HTML / CSS

So, as part of my continuous learning ventures, I learn HTML and CSS recently on and as the final element of this learning track was to build my own Resume using the CSS knowledge that I acquired through this track. Although this wasn’t a hard requirement to complete the track (get a green tick confirming that the track is now finished) I thought I would take it seriously and went on creating my CV through HTML and styling it using basic CSS knowledge.

Thanks a ton to Codecademy that I was able to finish my first real task in CSS in less than 3 hours and I now have pasted my CSS and HTML code at and you can access my CV here…

Deep Sukhwani - HTML/CSS CV

Its an amazing fun to code and it really gives the feeling of immense satisfaction once you achieve what you stress yourself and work hard for. Go check out my CV and let me know your comments / feedback.

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5 Responses to My CV – Created using HTML / CSS

  1. palash says:

    i need the code

  2. Murugesan says:

    You can also link your mobile number using tel tag +91 9687 000 830

    On click goes to call directly

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