About Deep Sukhwani

I am a qualified Chartered Accountant through ACCA and an Applied Accounting Graduate from Oxford Brookes.
Although my profession is of Finance and Accounting, programming and computers is a kind of passion I have had ever since I saw computers for the first time in my primary school (back in 1999 I think).
I made my first program using C programming language when I was in ninth grade of school, and then went on learning languages like C++, C Sharp and even some Database stuff like SQL, etc.
After completing my school education, I went on signing up for NIIT’s GNIIT Course which is a course equivalent to a computer applications degree and goes on for several years, however, soon I realised the course was focusing only on tip offs rather than an in depth knowledge of concepts and computing languages, so I dropped from that course at a later stage (probably 8 months after I signed up for it).

And then in turn of events, went on working as a Credit Controller in a KPO based in India but had UK based Clients, that kind of made me think of having a proper Accounting / Finance qualification on my Resume so that I could have some knowledge about business world and together with this business world knowledge and technical know-hows I might become a right fit for the changing world where focus is highly shifting towards Finance with Tech in it.

And hence I did my ACCA studies in London and completed my qualification from ACCA, UK and graduation from Oxford Brookes University, now I have turned myself back into that ages old passion of mine, COMPUTERS… I now have a desire to learn new programming languages, discover new ways of solving problems and create something useful for myself as well as for the society overall.

This is journey so far…


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